The Deeper programme has successfully finished its first cohort of candidates and is just passing the half way point of cohort 2. How is it going so far?

Our inaugural group of learners from Lancashire have completed their 12-week bootcamp course. Through those weeks, learners were exposed to technical languages such as PHP and JavaScript.

Candidates, some with no prior coding experience, have been able to develop PHP projects, with guidance from senior developers and are now ready to look for developer roles in Lancashire. Completing a series of employability workshops, candidates have professional CV’s relating to the digital sector and have had the opportunity to practise interviews with industry employers.

After a successful first round, we are now midway through our second cohort where learners are benefiting from group mentoring sessions, to help develop their technical skills with their peers. Learners from this cohort have varied backgrounds that make them ideal candidates for digital roles, from project managers to instructors, the pool of talent is very deep and offers more than just technical know-how.

In their most recent lecture after competing for a knowledge quiz, candidates received a presentation from tutor Jeremy Coates on databases and file structures, both important when applying knowledge to a real-world project.

Due to the restrictions placed on many workplaces across the country, we are having some difficulties to find valuable work experience and placements for our candidates. To experience commercial software development first hand. If you can assist with this, please get in contact with the DEEPer Programme at