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The Digital Engineer Education Programme is a fully funded programme. The outline is illustrated here but if you need more information, why not get in touch for a full prospectus?

Module 1 : The Technology Stack


CSS JavaScript

JavaScript continued

Related tech (APIs, Service etc)


Web Servers Databases Operating Systems Hosting

Module 2 : Development Practices
- Part 1

Application architecture

Coding practices and design patterns

Version Control

Development workflow (branching, PRs etc)


Module 3 : Development Practices
- Part 2

Automated testing


UI Design Principles



Module 4 : Project Practices


Project lifecycle (First contact through to delivery and maintenance)

Prototyping and iterative development Requirements gathering (formats, BDD)

Test management Commerciality Client handling

Module 5 : Community & Ecosystem / Mentoring & Accreditation

Software licences; Community; Internet bodies; Mentoring; Certification & accreditation; SFIA 


Module : Employability

To help in career development we look at improving skills to a best practice standard.  This helps you gain real understanding of the skills needed for the digital sector and how you will fit into it. 

Often companies are looking to employ people ready to go straight into a job so this will help you do just that. 

As the programme starts we will carry our some initial assessments on work ready, workplace and personal skills to look at the best ways we can help. Once completed this is discussed and a plan created. 

Activities on workplace and work skills development to cover: 

  • Workplace behaviours; cultural etiquette, personal branding, managing expectations, managing change, and team working. 
  • CV review and development, self-presentation (pitch and present), interview skills and effective job search/ matching, then managing a job and self-reflection. Developing peer to peer support. 
  • Interpersonal development and concurrent with work and skills development: 
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, developing self-confidence, self-discipline and peer to peer management, building resilience and coping with stress.
  • Communication skills: This is important as you may work face to face with customers. This may include message taking and taking and making calls, effective questioning, active listening, addressing issues positively, managing and embracing self-study. 


Chris Brown - Technical Team

It’s great to be a part of shaping things for the future. We hope that people will leave inspired and full of confidence to join new teams in the sector.  

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