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Opportunities for employers

The DEEPer programme is designed to create work ready software engineers to help companies in Lancashire fill their skills gaps. It uses funding from the Digital Skills Partnership to help candidates with base level skills get ready to go into employment with an understanding of work culture and protocols and a better understanding of what is expected of them.

I was invited as a guest for input on the DEEPer Employer Board and found a passionate group who were dedicated to driving change in the IT & Digital sector and jumped at the chance of being involved. Since that moment I have helped deliver employability workshops, coach and mentor
students through the interview process and engage with local employers to educate them on the wealth of local IT talent available.

Mike Steel

Create IT Recruitment

Recruit : Find candidates for existing roles

Do you have roles within your organisation for software engineers?

Are you looking for candidates with very specific skills sets?

Contact us and we can add the role to our job bank – we have talented individuals able to start now. 

Set up a call with one of our project team to find out more.

Work Experience: Offer a student work experience

We are looking for companies able to offer students the chance to gain experience in a working environment.

Our candidates have had training and mentoring with us and as our cohorts are recruited from a wide range of backgrounds, they can offer a wide range of skill-sets.

If you feel that in the current climate you are extremely busy and feel an extra pair of hands would take the pressure off, our students can help! 

Our students are now used to remote working and eager to support organisations in Lancashire. 

Contact us to discuss the opportunity to have an extra pair of hands.

Become a mentor : We are looking for skilled individuals to mentor some of our students.

Mentoring can help you to upskill your own team members by giving them responsibility and people skills.

Partner up with us to let your development team assist in showing new developers how to work in a team. 

CV checking : Help students work on CVs and offer feedback on what they are presenting

If you are short of time but would love to help in some way, we are always grateful for a second opinion on candidate applications and CVs.

Get in touch if you could give some time to cast your eye over a CV.


Mock interviews : Help students develop their interview skills.

Remember a time when you were looking for your first job and had not yet developed any skills?

Then the first test was in a real, live interview.

We are looking to help students by offering mock interviews with constructive feedback, so when they get to the real thing they feel prepared and confident.

If you could spare some time to offer a mock interview, let our team know.


Board: Join our consortia board

With the landscape changing rapidly due to Covid-19, we are looking for employers in the digital industry to join our board. You will help with giving us an insight into the latest news, opportunities and changes within the industry and support our programme to ensure we are meeting the specific needs of your business. 

Help to steer the direction of the programme and get in touch to join our board.


Student at DEEPer

Cohort 1

I am a recently qualified mature student, passionate about coding and software development. I am looking to bring my skills to help in a development company. I’m used to working in teams or by myself. I have worked in high pressure retail positions and I am capable of developing customer relationships in addition to understanding complex problems to offer solutions. I have a recently acquired skill of being able to communicate well on Zoom and Teams. 

Working in partnership

Local development agencies are seeking to help individuals and businesses develop after the CV -19 Pandemic. You can be part of this and help us .

Corporate Responsibility

If every company in the digital sector was able to offer some support, however small, we would see changes and benefits to the whole industry and the wider industries we support. 

Help us develop the software engineers of the future

Get in touch and be part of something amazing to create local talent to grow businesses in Lancashire.