You can help Digitally Upskill Lancashire

We are looking for more employers to contribute time to enable the growth of digital talent in Lancashire. Recruitment, work experience and mentoring opportunities available. 


Intensive course. Employer focused. Work ready.

DEEPer is designed to create skills that employers are looking for, it covers the skills needed by developers to work in a team. The aim of the programme is to create individuals ready to go straight into a team and be work ready. 

We are training new software engineers for the future

Looking for a career change

If you are in a job and feel there is little to no progression or you feel you have no challenges.

Returning to work after a break.

If you have been away from the workplace and need to update your skills. 

Unemployed graduates looking for help.

If you are looking to enter the workplace and don’t feel you are getting anywhere.

Have some skills but need more.

If you have learnt some coding skills but don’t seem to have the right ones.  

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